Upon selectively overseeing in detail, the needs of the makeup artist, shoparrel has especially formulated new products to suit the beauty needs of professionals..

Our focus has keenly been on the development of products that are high on quality and easy on pocket. The local success led us to the idea of introducing the brand to the international market. Makeup enthusiasts can find us on our website and Instagram handles. Although new, it has won hearts around regions and is bravely continuing to do so.


The PRODUCTS – our pride! Combining a scientific technology with vibrant colors resulted in an impressive abundance of products and colors to fall in love with. Our cosmetics are manufactured with our highly qualified art units – Far more importantly, high-quality ingredients go hand in hand with fair prices.


We are inspired by the past, but we are always looking toward the future. Led by a highly skilled team of expeets, we believe in beauty for all, and we believe that beauty starts by radiating from within. We are proud to be cruelty-free and are working to provide earth-friendly and zero-waste solutions to our cosmetics.


Our focus is primarily on our customers, and are happy to help you with finding your perfect shade. We love to hear from each of you, and we will gladly offer exchanges or returns if it’s not exactly what you had in mind. Everything we do is for our shopaarel Beauties, so you can be glamorous, everyday!


We create products with only the highest-quality ingredients for skin-loving makeup. Our products are all recommended for all skin types and allow you to enjoy clean beauty without sacrificing style, color, or performance. Our packaging is primarily worked upon so skillfully that coming up with stunning package pieces was a skill of art that we successfully did justice to.


We independently own and operate, giving us the ability to create each piece exactly the way we intend it to be. We are involved in every step of the process to ensure quality and perfection.